The Big Idea
On 27th February 2015 (Marathi Bhasha Din), the concept of ‘Pustakanch Gaav’ was introduced by Maharashtra State's Marathi Bhasha Minister Vinod Tawde. Inspired by England’s ‘Hay on Wye’, Bhilar, a small village in the strawberry producing area of Satara district was set to take on a new identity as Pustakanch Gaav. This 'Village of Book' retains the culture and ethos of the land incorporating elements of the best literary, cultural, and intellectual traditions of Maharashtra. Bhilar has proven to be an experience worth treasuring for students, book lovers, writers, tourists, and people at large. Inculcating the love for reading, the future plans for India’s first Village of Books include organising regular school excursions for students across Maharashtra, giving them an opportunity to spend some quality time in the company of the books. This innovative project will also help the youth rediscover the gems of literature from the days bygone.
The Humble Beginning
On 4th May 2017, India witnessed the grand inauguration of country's first 'Village of Books' at Bhilar, Maharashtra. Nestled in the lap of nature, Bhilar had grown to embrace it's new identity as the reader's haven 'Pustakanch Gaav', welcoming bibliophiles from across the nation with open arms.


This quaint little 'Pustakanch Gaav' continues to grow to accommodate the insatiable thirst of the bibliophiles. With suggestions coming in from all parts of the world, new books are being added every single day, adding to the growing collection of the books in the reader's paradise. Taking in the growing demands for books in other languages, Pustakanch Gaav may extend its collections to accommodate books in Hindi, English and Gujarati language, enriching the readers of those languages and making them the part of this fulfilling experience.


The new identity of Bhilar as the Pustakache Gaav is wave of change in the reading culture of Maharashtra.