India's First Village of Books
The quaint little village of Bhilar, renowned for its strawberries, is now embracing its new identity as India’s first Village of Books-'Pustakanch Gaav'. The tiny hamlet is now open to the readers of across the world, opening its homes and hearts, promoting the rich legacy of Marathi Literature. Here, the villagers proudly host the literary gems of Marathi language across 25 location in the village, each of them filled to the brim with the warmth and hospitality of our incredible India. The readers are given a rare opportunity to indulge into the world of books and enjoy the lush greenery of this village. Readers can be seen flocking to this hamlet to experience the wealth of our literary heritage from all corners of the world. This is indeed a sight to see readers engrossed in the world of books, savouring the essence of new Bhilar and making some everlasting memories in Pustakanch Gaav.
Experience to Feel
The village of Bhilar is shaping up to be a literary destination that will continue to grow and attract readers from across the world. The village on the hillock, with its green valleys, strawberry bounty and the waterfalls, is now dotted with colourful murals, paintings and artworks, adding to the beauty of this place. Each of the 25 locations in the village, which now serve as genre-specific libraries, are decorated with pictures and artworks relating to the theme of the books inside. The streets and the inroads of the village are dotted with artistic billboards directing the tourist towards the various houses, helping them make their way towards the books they seek. The concept of the village is the refection of our cultural philosophy, ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. The key driving forces of this project are the passion for literature, an appetite for knowledge consumption and enthusiasm for the promotion of culture. But it a long journey and it will truly fulfil its purpose for being only with the support of the readers. So once again, everyone is invited to our very own Pustakanch Gaav, come and be a part of this incredible journey.

Special Thanks


Rajya Marathi Vikas Sanstha is the autonomous undertaking of Government of Maharashtra's Marathi Bhasha Department. The core objective behind the establishment of this organisation is the development and expansion of Marathi language, using the contemporary tools and mediums. There are two primary functions of this organisation. Firstly, to promote and increase the use of Marathi in various fields. Secondly, to speed up the development of Marathi language.


Maharashtra Government's Marathi Viswakosh Nirmiti Mandal is premiere institution specifically established for the task of creating and updating encyclopedias on various subject matters in the Marathi language. The core aim of this institution is to make the wealth of knowledge easily available and accessible for the Marathi readers and speakers.


Granthasakha in Badlapur was founded by a retired school teacher and a bibliophile, Shyamsundar Joshi, in 2005. The core aim behind the foundation of this unique library is the promotion of Marathi literature and inculcate a passion for reading in audience across ages. The library and its founder played a crucial role in establishment of Pustakanch Gaav by shouldering the gargantuan task of book selection and streamlining the genres.


Thane’s Swatva Foundation is a crowdsourced group of freelance artists, painters and professional who believe in sending a strong social message through their artworks. They shaped and beautified the surroundings of Pustakanch Gaav with detailed murals, paintings and artworks that reflect the various themes of books, genres, thereby enhancing the experience of India’s first ‘Village of Books’ Pustakanch Gaav.